Imagine the Very Best Birthday Party Ever!

Birthdays at the Museum

DAYTIME Birthday Party Bashes
  DAYTIME Birthday Bash
  (kids & adults maximum - including the host,
  host's family and birthday child)

: Non-members: $200  •  Members: $170
  Weekday: Non-members: $100  •  Members: $85

  DAYTIME BIG Birthday Bash
  50 PARTY GUESTS (kids & adults maximum)
  (kids & adults maximum - including the host,
  host's family and birthday child)

  Weekend: Non-members: $400  •  Members: $340 
  Weekday: Non-members: $200  •  Members: $170

  Daytime Party Times Available
  Red Party Room
  Blue Party Room    
11:15 a.m.
11:30 a.m.
1:15 p.m.
1:30 p.m. 
3:15 p.m.
3:30 p.m.

  arrow  90 minutes in our private party room/s includes: set up, celebration time & cleanup.
  arrow  Unlimited "day of" playtime in the Museum for party guests.
  arrow  Imagine t-shirt and birthday button for honoree.
  arrow  Free future visit coupon for every child.
  arrow  Online printable invitations or postcard invitations can be picked up at the Museum
      Click here to print birthday invitations.
      The pdf can take up to a minute to load, this is dependent on your internet speed.
      File is password protected - please contact for the password.

AFTER HOURS Birthday Party Bash - 2 hours of PRIVATE Museum time
  AFTER HOURS Birthday Party Bash
  Tuesday-Thursday: $400 non-members • $340 members
: $500 non-members • $425 members      
  (kids & adults maximum - including the host, host's family and birthday child)

  arrow Yes! You have the Museum’s main floor & commons area all to yourself!
  arrow Up to 75 guests (includes children & adults).  
  arrow Select your 2 hours anytime between 5:30 and 9:00 p.m.
      Reservations available Tuesday – Sunday. Time extensions available for $200 per hour
  arrow Order eats and treats from our “Party Add-ons” or bring your own
  arrow Imagine t-shirt and birthday button for honoree
  arrow Free future visit coupon for every child

Party Add-Ons
  Latex Balloons
  Crown or Tiara
  Goody Bags
  Juice Box 
  Ice Cream Cups     
  Bottled Water     
  X-Large Pizza
  $1.50 each / $15 per dozen
$4 each
$5 each 
$1.50 each  white or chocolate
$1 each  apple or fruit punch
$1 each
$1 each
$20 (cheese, pepperoni or Canadian bacon) (includes tax, delivery & gratuity)


  Complete the online reservation inquiry form and submit electronically, or call the reservation line
    at (425) 258-1006 and choose Option 5. 
  Our reservation coordinator will finalize the booking.
    Please note, your booking is not guaranteed until the following 3 things occur:
    1. Date has been cleared by the Museum Reservations department
    2. Payment has been received in full; and
    3. You have received a confirmation email from the Museum

Member Discounts

  Available to active Museum card holders
  Must be booking a party for someone designated on card.
  Cannot be used to book parties for friends or relatives.

All parties are non-refundable unless there is a situation, such as inclement weather,
that requires the Museum to close,  In that event, you will be given the option to reschedule,
or receive a credit or refund.

Hosting hints for success
Make sure it is clear who is invited to the party so you do not exceed your party number.  It is
    important to stay within your designated party limit as you will be charged general admission
    for each additional guest beyond that number.

  Children cannot be dropped off at the front door. Every child must come (and leave) accompanied
    by an adult. There is a 1:6 adult/child ratio.

  Let your party guests know they can play in the Museum before or after the party during our
    normal business hours (daytime parties only). Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

  Five minutes before your party begins, Museum staff will announce on the loudspeaker that
    your party is about to begin and inviting your guests to join you in the party room downstairs.

What can I expect of Museum staff the day of the party?
We look forward to greeting you; making sure you have your very own birthday bin to transport gifts;
escorting you to your party room; answering any questions you may have; taking care of any add-ons
you order; and providing elevator access as necessary. Please do not tip staff, but warm smiles and
kind comments will be greatly appreciated.

You may print your invitations online and a code will be issued with your confirmation email.
If you prefer, you may pick up postcard invitations at the Museum. The number of postcards is
dependent upon your party package.
Click here to print a birthday invitations.
The pdf can take up to a minute to load, this is dependent on your internet speed.
File is password protected - please contact for the password.

Birthday Party Bins
Best thing since sliced bread!  Our party bins have rolling wheels that make it easy to get your gifts
from the party room to your car.  Bins are available 30 minutes prior to the party, during your party
and 15 minutes following your party.

In addition to the tables, stools and a custom throne, the party room includes a refrigerator/freezer,
sink and counter space.  The accommodations are only available during the 90 minutes of your party.  
If you need to keep anything chilled before or after your designated party time, be sure to bring a cooler/ice chest.

What is NOT allowed in the Museum? 
We do not allow animals (Services animals ONLY), piñatas, confetti or electrical appliances
in the Museum. NO alcoholic beverages. 

May I bring my own food? 
Yes, you may bring in your own eats and treats. Everything must be served inside the
party rooms and may not be taken out into the Museum Commons eating area.

May I bring entertainment? 
Yes, outside entertainment is permitted in the party room. During daytime parties, please keep the
party room door closed so the public does not think it is an open event.  If you wish, you may bring a CD player

May I bring in extra decorations? 
Yes, but because of our wall murals, we do not allow anything to be taped, tacked or hung on the
party room walls. If there is damage to the party room, any necessary repairs will be charged to you.

Ending your party
All good things must come to an end!  To help make the process a little easier, a Museum staff
member will contact the party host 20 minutes before the end of your party to say, “Hi” and give you the kid's coupons for a free, future Museum visit.  Giving these out is a great way to start the goodbyes.

Vacating the room
Please allow enough time to gather your things and clean up so you are ready to leave promptly at the end of your designated time.  Dispose of all of your garbage in the receptacle, wipe the tables down, and remember to take any items you placed in the refrigerator/freezer.


Fill out the form below and our party planning specialist will contact you.
Please read the Party Need to Know Facts Tab before filling out.

* Required information so that we may contact you with any questions that we may have to
assist in booking the party

First Name:
Last Name:
Street Address:
City, State, ZIP:
Daytime Phone Number: *
Email Address: *

Preferred Contact Method:

Phone     |       Email

Birthday Child's Name:
Birthday Child's Age and Birthdate:
Birthday Child's Gender:
Preferred Party Date:
  2nd choice date:
Preferred Time Frame:

Anticipated # of Children/Adults:
Interested Party Type:

If you go over the
designated # of guest
listed you will be
charged general admission
for each additional person.

Birthday Bash - Up to 25 guests (includes children & adults) 
      Weekend: Non-members: $200  •  Members: $170
      Weekday: Non-members: $100  •  Members: $85

BIG Birthday Bash - Up to 50 guests (includes children & adults)
      Weekend: Non-members: $400  •  Members: $340
      Weekday: Non-members: $200  •  Members: $170

After-Hours Birthday Bash - Up to 75 guests 
      (includes children & adults)
      Tuesday-Thursday: Non-members: $400  •  Members: $340
      Friday-Sunday: Non-members: $500  •  Members: $425

Interested Party Add-ons:

Latex Balloons - $1.50 each / $15 per dozen
Crown - $4 each
Tiara - $4 each
Goody Bags - $5 each
Cupcakes - $1.50 each (white or chocolate)
Juice Box - $1 each (apple or fruit punch)
Ice Cream Cups - $1 each
Bottled Water - $1 each
X-Large Pizza - $20 (cheese, pepperoni or candian bacon)

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