Elementary Enrichment Programs

2-in-1 Everett Transit Center &
Imagine Children’s Museum

A unique experience that includes transit,
art, history and Museum play.
• Visit the beautiful Everett Transportation Center
• Then ride a transit bus to the Museum
   for more playful learning
    Funded in part by the City of Everett

Make the deal of your life in this interactive
infomercial game.
• Use critical thinking and decision making skills to    
  determine which organ is most important
• Observe real lungs in action

Amazing Astronomy
Explore the solar system while learning to
identify planets and constellations.
• Learn planetary characteristics via role play
• Create your own constellation
   representation for at-home investigation
Magnificent Masks
Explore the history and importance of
multi-cultural masks.
• Learn about the historical, cultural
  and social relevance of masks
• Create a unique mask and story

Crazy Crayons
Art, science and history intersect in the creation of
a “stained glass” window.
• Shave crayons and experiment with
   color and patterns
• Discover the properties of wax

Native Way
Step back in time and experience
Native American cultures.
• Understand how tribes provided for
   their basic needs
• Learn Native American sign language
  and use it to trade

Creative Construction
Increase understanding of physics and geometry.
• Create structures that incorporate
engineering and design principles
• Think strategically and work together as a team

Pioneer Times
Step back in time and research what it was
like to be a pioneer child.
• Participate in pioneer chores and games
  and learn about the challenges of daily life
• Make beeswax candles and an historical toy
Cultural Quilt
Explore the importance of quilts to our
history and culture.
• Listen to and share stories about the
   interconnectedness of families and quilts
• Create a quilt reflective of a cultural or
  historic theme chosen by the class

Sinkers, Flinkers and Floaters
Challenge your assumptions about water.
• Observe, measure, experiment, formulate,
  test and modify
• Design a flinker and floater

Daring Dissection
Discover insights into barn owl feeding
habits and digestive systems.
• Learn about ecosystems and predator/
  prey relationships
• Dissect an owl pellet (one pellet per two
  students. More available with 2 weeks
  advance notice.)

Solids, Liquids and Chemical Creations
Become a chemist in this introduction to
physical science.
• Investigate the properties of
  non-Newtonian substances
• Discover the properties of water
  and experiment with cohesion
Learn the Green 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
through interdisiplinary exploration.
• Analyze individual carbon footprints
• Investigate the impact of buses and cars
  on the enviornment
Something’s Fishy Around Here
Follow salmon throughout their lifecycles.
• Play the salmon lifecycle game
• Understand the role salmon have played in
  Pacific Northwest history and culture

Fantastic Fossil Discovery
Become a paleontologist as you find fossils
and assemble a dinosaur skeleton.
• Practice the precision needed to unearth a fossil
• Differentiate between authentic and replica fossils

Topsy Turvey
Captivate interest in physics using the world’s
oldest toy.
• Learn about balance, motion, gravity and
  energy with spinning tops
• Make a top to take home


I Can’t Believe My Eyes
Gain an understanding of tricks our
brains play on us.
• Create a thaumatrope and an anamorphoscope
• Experiment with after images and optical illusions

Tree Treasures
Get to the root of trees, one of our most important
natural resources.
• Turn your class into a giant tree, from heartwood
  and taproot to bark
• Learn the process of industrial papermaking
  and create recycled paper to take home
Import, Export … Our Port
Discover the Port of Everett’s importance
to international trade.
• Learn about ports and the crucial role they play in
  our local and national economy
• Play the Port Challenge Game in teams
  and discover how goods move around the world

For more information, contact the Museum at 425/258-1006, Ext. 1012 or by email at education@ImagineCM.org.