Goal: $5,000

In the beginning …
Everett Woman’s Book Club provided funding for more than 350 books in 2004 when Imagine Children’s Museum opened PJ’s Place reading loft exhibit. The books have played an important role in fostering child and caregiver reading time together,and Museum programs including Tuesday Tales story time and our Discovery Club summer literacy program for students who are struggling with learning to read.

Keeping books in the hands of children …
After two million visitors and 12 years, the time has come to replace the books so the love of reading can continue. A brand new read-aloud program is being launched at Imagine Children’s Museum to bring even greater attention to the importance of sharing the love of reading books with children.

How you can help …
You can help now by supporting a $5,000 Book Fund at Imagine Children’s Museum. The Fund will allow for the purchase of newbooks and provide ongoing care and replacement of the books as needed. All donations to the Book Fund will be matched! Thanks to a generous donor, every gift to the Book Fund will be doubled until the Fund reaches $2,500. Help children in thecommunity by donating today!

Everett Woman’s Book Club’s Museum Legacy lives on when you …
• Support a $5,000 Book Fund that can be used to purchase new books, make them child ready and provide ongoing care.
• Volunteer to help care for PJ’s Place reading loft, book rotation, and maintenance of books
• Read to students at Imagine’s Discovery Club summer literacy program.

Books are the building blocks for a better future. They foster the imagination, expand our understanding of the world, empower and comfort us, and fuel a lifelong love of learning. – Reading is Fundamental


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