Important Information
Museum Expectations

Rule one at the Children's Museum is always HAVE FUN! Get started by making sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable visit. All visitors to the Museum are asked to follow 6 Simple Steps:

  1. Stay together (kids and grownups)
  2. Pick up after yourself
  3. Leave all items inside the exhibit
  4. Follow exhibit rules
  5. Eat and drink in downstairs Snack Area ONLY
  6. Use your walking feet
Strollers and Baby Carriers
For the safety of your child and others, please plan to leave your stroller in our lobby. Strollers are not allowed inside the Museum. Many of our visitors choose to bring along a baby carrier or back pack, and you may want to do that also. You are welcome to borrow one of the baby carriers or back packs that are available for check out at our front desk.
Eating at the Museum
Our downstairs Snack Area is the space that has been specifically designed for our visitors to enjoy a snack or sack lunch, which you are welcome to bring. The Snack Area also includes two vending machines for your convenience. One machine has pop, fruit juice and water; the other machine gives you a choice of sweet or nutritious snacks.

Please remember that the Snack Area is for the comfort of all of our guests. For that reason, we do not allow any type of celebrations in our Snack Area. This includes the use of party hats, decorations, blowers, etc., and the serving of cakes or any type of group foods.

We have two fantastic party rooms; if you are interested in renting one of them for the best party ever please call (425) 258-1006, ext. 1015 to make your reservation. Thank you.