Mission and Goals

The Mission of Imagine Children's Museum is to make children's lives better by creating a place where they can playfully learn.

We are committed to:

    Creative exploration and imaginative play
    Helping build character and self-confidence
    Instilling a community connection
    Learning experiences that spark curiosity
    Developing interactive exhibits and programs
    Reaching out to all children
    Ensuring a safe and stimulating environment
    Nurturing child/adult interaction
Our goals are to:
  • Utilize fun and play to spark imagination, arouse curiosity, inspire creativity, stimulate exploration and instill a love of learning.
  • Help children develop a sense of belonging by creating a museum experience that is a reflection of our community.
  • Provide innovative programs and exhibits that support a variety of learning styles.
  • Be a unique resource for parents, teachers and childcare providers.
  • Be accessible to all children.
  • Be a wholesome, fun-filled gathering place that reflects the diversity of our community.
  • Remain a fiscally sound, well-managed organization that is a respected steward of community resources.
  • Collaborate with community service providers, schools and institutions of higher education.
  • Develop volunteer programs that include individuals of all ages and encourage older youth as mentors and role models.
  • Create an environment that supports intergenerational interactions.
  • Become a "destination place" for tourists.