Preschool Enrichment Programs
Adventures in Space
Use your imagination to explore the universe!
• Turn the ceiling into the night sky
• Develop fine-motor skills as you create a
  2-dimensional lunar surface

Down on the Farm
Experience the farm with drama, music and sensory play!
• Follow local food from farm to table
• Work together to make butter

Be a Clean Machine
Learn how being clean protects you from
getting sick!
• Explore the importance of hand washing
  through sensory play
• Brush giant teeth and escape the sneeze bottle
Eater’s Digest
Take a tour of the digestive system!
• Explore the journey taken through our bodies by
  the food we eat
• Engage in imaginative play as you learn about
  healthy foods

Diggin’ Up Fossils
Become a paleontologist through hands-on
engagement with fossils!
• Piece together a dinosaur skeleton
• Identify real fossils

Stomp into Music
Turn the class into a band using bells, tambourines,
drums and boom whackers!
• Experiment with rhythm
• Create your own instrument to take home

Seasonal Choice
Discover the wonders of each season through hands-on activities, games, stories and songs.
Students will explore the time of year and the world around them.
• Fantastic Fall - Offered September-November
• Wonderful Winter - Offered December-February
• Sensational Spring - Offered March-May
• Super Summer - Offered June-August

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