Science Sleuths

Come explore, investigate and discover in this hands-on series of science and math classes. Each session provides opportunities for inquiry learning, projects, experiments and take-home ideas. 

* Minimum enrollment for class is 10

Ages: 6 -12
Time: 2:30 – 4:30 p.m.
Cost: Members: $15 per child per day /
Non-members: $20 per child per day

CLICK HERE to register online for single classes

* Looking to register for more than (3)?
Give us a call at 425/258-1006, Ext. 1012 for a discount


March 29 – Cool Currency
Learn about the history and science of money and design your own currency

April 5 – Assembly Lines
Engineer an assembly line

April 12 – Hooked on Magnets
Explore and experiment with magnets

May 10 – Have to Have a Habitat
Discover what makes a habitat

May 31 – Robots!
Explore the differences and similarities between humans and robots

June 7 – Mission to Mars
Find out what it takes to survive on Mars

June 21 – Zoom into Nano
Experiment with the physics and chemistry of super-small structures