Welcome to the Champions for Children Challenge!
Nancy Johnson, Executive Director

We were looking forward to seeing you in person this week, but we are glad to have the power of technology to keep in touch virtually.
Kicking off the week is Nancy Johnson, Imagine Children’s Museum’s Executive Director. Nancy reflects on the year and shares how your donation to Imagine will help children in our community regain important skills that were lost during the pandemic.
Thank you for your support and making a lasting impact in the lives of children in our community!

Creativity and imagination needed to thrive
Jessica Corneille, Museum Board Member

To be a resource for the whole community, Imagine Children’s Museum removes barriers whenever possible so all children can experience a physically and emotionally safe space for playful, hands-on learning where creativity and imagination can blossom.
Your gift today supports programs like our Community Access program, offering free or reduced cost admission for families with limited monetary resources, and Free Access Nights offering extended hours for families unable to visit during the day.
Dr. Jessica Corneille, Principal for Madison Elementary and Imagine Children’s Museum board member, shares the benefits visits to Imagine provides for underserved students.


Thank you for supporting Imagine and helping children in our community thrive!

STEM skills are life skills
Nick Spicher, Director of Education

Problem solving. Creativity. Flexibility. These are just some of the important STEM skills taught at Imagine every day. Nick Spicher, Imagine Children’s Museum’s Director of Education, talks about how these skills are not only important career-wise, but in all aspects of life.
Your gift today supports learning that lasts a lifetime.
Thank you for your generosity! 

Unlocking future interests begins at Imagine
Geoff Nunn, Museum Exhibit Developer
and Curator for Space History at the Museum of Flight

Flying an airplane. Running a restaurant. Caring for injured animals. Through imaginative play children can see what it’s like to be a pilot, restaurant manager, and veterinarian. Most of us haven’t experienced one of these careers but at Imagine, children have the opportunity to experience all three, and more. Not only fun, these experiences set the stage for a lifetime of learning in important STEM fields.
Flight shares his personal observations of how immersive experience and imaginative play that occurs at Imagine leads to a lifetime of learning.
Your donation today is inspiring the next generation of great thinkers.
Thank you for your contribution!


The power of play is a beautiful thing
Kristen Missall, Museum Board Member

The pandemic has been so hard on everyone, especially the children in our community. Children will be dealing with the impacts of learning loss, isolation, uncertainty and anxiety from the past 18 months for years to come.

By supporting Imagine, you are providing a safe resource where children can heal. Where children take control, reducing their anxiety and building their confidence. Dr. Kristen Missall, University of Washington Professor, College of Education and Director of School Psychology Program, and Imagine Children Museum’s board member, shares how the play is prevention.

We thank you for joining us this week for Champions for Children Challenge and making a donation supporting our youngest community members. Your gift today will impact them for a lifetime. Thank you for giving! 


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