Enrichment Elementary

Class Options – Elementary

Each class is approximately 60 minutes

Museum-on-the-Go Enrichment Elementary Pricing
$215 for 1 class
$195 per class if 2-3 consecutive classes scheduled same day
$182 per class if 4-5 consecutive classes scheduled same day
(+ travel charge) Each Museum-on-the-Go class is designed for a maximum of 28 students
Multiple classes can be scheduled back-to-back

# of students in your group: 1-28 29-56 57-84 85-112 113-140 141-168
# of classes required: 1 class 2 classes 3 classes 4 classes 5 classes 6 classes

Additional students above the maximum number allowed per class will result in either an overage fee or a charge for an additional class.



Brackitz: Get Moving!
Students use engineering design challenges to explore the concepts of work, energy and motion.
Core Subject Focus: Science

Creature Features
Students investigate Pacific Northwest wild mammals and their habitats. They will discover the unique features that help animals thrive in their environment.
Core Subject Focus: Science, Literacy

Daring Dissection
Students take an immersive look into the world of the barn owl and conduct a scientific
experiment dissecting an owl pellet. (One pellet per two students.)
Core Subject Focus: Science, Math

Students examine how fossils form. They will decipher different types of fossils and use clues to investigate their origins.
Core Subject Focus: Science

I Can’t Believe My Eyes
Students learn the science behind optical illusions and experience the tricks our brains can play on us.
Core Subject Focus: Science

Magnificent Masks
Students interpret the historical, cultural and social relevance of masks. They will use what they have learned to create a mask with its own unique story.
Core Subject Focus: Social Studies

Meet the Robots
Students direct an army of mini-robots around obstacles. They will learn to control the robots by using the robots’ sensors and simple programming.
Core Subject Focus: Science

Rockin’ Rollercoasters
Students learn about potential and kinetic energy as they engineer a rollercoaster model and test their tracks
Core Subject Focus: Science

Topsy Turvy
Students learn the cultural, historical and scientific significance of tops. They will use a collection of tops to test balance, motion, gravity and energy.
Core Subject Focus: Science, Social Studies

Sinkers, Flinkers and Floaters
Students construct buoyancy hypotheses and test them by conducting a series of experiments.
Core Subject Focus: Science *

Solids, Liquids and Chemical Creations
Students investigate the properties of matter and experiment with non-Newtonian substances.
Core Subject Focus: Science *

Tree Treasures
Students explore the cultural and environmental significance of trees and explore their many surprising by-products. They will investigate the anatomy of a tree and create their own treasure.
Core Subject Focus: Science, Social Studies *

Westward Ho!
Students explore the impacts weather, transportation and communication had on
pioneers as they journeyed West. They will interact to complete challenges pioneers faced along the Oregon Trail.
Core Subject Focus: Social Studies

Wind Tunnel Engineering
Students attempt to balance forces as they engineer a flying craft and test it in a vertical wind tunnel.
Core Subject Focus: Engineering

* Requires special classroom accommodations when part of a Museum-on-the-Go