Enrichment Preschool

Class Options – Preschool

Each class is approximately 45 minutes

Museum-on-the-Go Enrichment Preschool Pricing
$215 for 1 class
$195 per class if 2-3 consecutive classes scheduled same day
$182 per class if 4-5 consecutive classes scheduled same day
(+ travel charge) Each Museum-on-the-Go class is designed for a maximum of 28 students
Multiple classes can be scheduled back-to-back

# of students in your group: 1-28 29-56 57-84 85-112 113-140 141-168
# of classes required: 1 class 2 classes 3 classes 4 classes 5 classes 6 classes

Additional students above the maximum number allowed per class will result in either an overage fee or a charge for an additional class.



Adventures in Space
Students use their imagination to explore the universe! They will blast off into space with a rocket of their own creation.

Building with Brackitz
Students will work in teams to engineer a structure that can withstand the Big Bad Wolf.

Creative Construction
Students work together to become architects, engineers and builders. They will learn about shapes and test their strengths in design challenges.

Diggin’ Up Fossils
Students become budding paleontologists through hands-on engagement with fossils. They will gather “fossils” to assemble their own dinosaur skeleton

Meet the Robots
Students will explore how robots use “senses” and create a robot obstacle course.

Old MacDonald’s Farm
Students explore the plants and animals of Old MacDonald’s Farm using art, stories and dramatic play.

We Got the Beat
Students experiment with rhythm as they keep beat! They will take a musical literacy journey and create their own rhythm instruments.