Science Sleuths

Kids-only Science and Math program!

Explore, investigate and discover in these hands-on science and math classes.
unique session provides opportunities for inquiry-based projects, experiments
and take-home ideas.

Fridays • 2:30-4:30 p.m.

February 2 – Stack It Up
Use the Engineering Design Process to learn about strengths of materials

February 23 – Wacky Chemistry
Investigate the wacky side of chemistry with polymers and more

March 9 – Sum World Games
Test your math skills and learn about cultures by playing games

March 30 – Rocket Blast Off
Discover Newton’s Laws of Motion by building and testing model rockets

Minimum enrollment: 10 students
Members: $15 per child per day

Non-members: $20 per child per day
Discount available for registering for multiple classes.

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