Utilize playful learning to enrich children’s lives.
We are committed to:
Celebrating creativity and imagination
Helping young learners thrive
Instilling a community connection
Learning experiences powered by play
Developing unique exhibits and programs
Reaching out to all children
Embracing diversity and inclusion
Nurturing child/caring adult interaction


Imagine Children’s Museum is a leader in playful learning, helping children and families to thrive and strengthening the community.

All children need nurturing
A lifelong love of learning starts with play
Learning occurs in many different ways
Interactive, hands-on, experiential opportunities cultivate inquisitive minds
Play is essential to learning and the healthy development of a child
Children flourish in physically and emotionally safe environments
Early childhood experiences significantly influence a child’s future
All children deserve opportunities to playfully learn
Families are important as a child’s first teacher and role model
Connection to a caring community establishes a sense of belonging
Community wellbeing is directly impacted by the wellbeing of children and families
Diverse groups that join together to support and educate children enrich our community and society