Join Imagine Children’s Museum for a summer of playful learning! Each week brings exciting STEAM projects, mesmerizing experiments, laughter and fun!




  • Designed for kids ages 3-5 who have not yet entered Kindergarten. Campers must be at least 3 years old and fully toilet-trained (able to use the restroom completely independently).
  • Campers should bring a water bottle, but no other food or drink will be allowed.
  • All camps run Monday through Thursday, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. EXCEPT “Ready, Set, Vet.”
  • Cost: $165 for members per child per camp, $195 for non-members per child per camp PRESCHOOL CAMPS


July 5-7 (Wednesday through Friday): Ready, Set, Vet (Camp is full)

Ready, Set Vet

Let’s put on our lab coats and learn how veterinarians take care of all kinds of animals! Discover how X-rays can reveal animal insides, observe how animals change as they grow from babies to adults, and create animal art to celebrate our furry and feathered friends.

July 10-13: Bees and Botany ***Held at Evergreen Arboretum!***

Summer is a perfect time to explore the garden. Learn about plants, flowers and insects through art, stories and songs. Experiment with traveling seeds, make a flower weaving project and create “seed lollipops” to grow plants at home.

July 24-27: Let’s Go!

From cars to trains and even planes, there are lots of ways to get around! Explore the world of transportation through games, songs and toys. Make art with tire tracks, haul loads with a dump truck, and build a speedy test ramp for racecars.

August 7-10: Little Scientists ***Held at Evergreen Arboretum!***

Discover the magic of science! Learn what scientists do and the tools they use. Try a variety of new experiments each day exploring water, magnets, colors, and even chemical reactions.

August 14-17: Water Wonders

Make a splash in a camp all about water! Follow the water cycle from clouds to soil and experiment with making puddles. Use your science skills to observe how materials absorb or repel water. Test whether objects sink or float, then build a boat to sail the seas!

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