Team Imagine

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Nancy Johnson

tiaChief Financial Officer
Tia Winch

Chief Impact Officer
Gretchen Wilson-Prangley


Senior Director of Operations
Quinn Schell

Director of Exhibits and Exhibit Engagement
Julia M.






Director of Human Resources
Dana K.


Director of Education
Nick S.


Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications
Jacquelyn B.

Graphics & Production Manager
Christopher M.


Senior Manager of Creative Engagement
Lori B.



Finance Manager
Kasydy E.


Operations Manager
Dreux D.




Senior Manager of Visitor Experiences
Megan K.

Playful Learning Assistant Manager
Sara C.
Playful Learning Assistant Manager
Yvonne F.

Grab & Go Manager
Casie L.


butch Facilities Manager
Butch C.

Facilities Manager
Tony M.

Museum Store & Floater Manager
Mikki B.