Whether you hope to explore a career with children, expand your horizons or simply lend a hand, volunteering at Imagine Children’s Museum is a wonderful way to become an advocate for children and families. Volunteers are involved in all aspects, utilized in all programs and activities, and serve at all skill levels.

All volunteers must have their COVID vaccination.

Volunteering at Imagine has many benefits including:
• Training necessary to perform in volunteer roles.
• Opportunities to gain new skills.
• A Museum membership with a 10% discount in the Museum Store after volunteering 100 hours within a 12 month period.

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Administrative Volunteer
Assist in the everyday challenges associated with a children’s museum. Help with simple, administrative duties and make a world of difference in ensuring our programs run smoothly.

Art Studio Volunteer
Engage children, adults and those young at heart in the Art Studio. Volunteers help prepare art projects, facilitate activities and support visiting artists.

Art Studio Representatives “On the Go”
Serve as an ambassador for Imagine while participating during community events with the “Art Studio-on-the- Go” program. Volunteers help facilitate art projects with children.

Carpet Cleaning Volunteer
Get a little exercise while you help keep the Museum’s carpet clean. No worries, no fuss! Carpets are cleaned using an easy dry method.

Education Volunteer
Encourage creativity and learning by assisting with one of our many education programs. Volunteers work behind the scenes to prepare for activities and classes.

Exhibit Maintenance Volunteer
Assist in the maintenance of exhibits. This position is during hours when the Museum is closed.

Exhibit Support Volunteer
Help in the development of new exhibits. Volunteers assist in the research, development, scheduling, planning and documentation associated with that process.

Store Volunteer
Help test and demonstrate new toys for the Museum Store. Volunteers assist in the inventory, maintenance and display of products.

If you would like more information about volunteering at Imagine Children’s Museum please contact Eva Kaman, Volunteer & Events Coordinator
at evak@imaginecm.org

CLICK HERE to become a Volunteer