Discover the fun of Engineering!

Presented by Fluke Corporation

10:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Saturday, July 13
Rocketry & Aerospace Engineering
How does pressure launch a rocket?
Build your own paper rocket and launch it sky-high using air pressure! Experiment with the shape of your rocket’s nose and number of fins to see if you can make it more aerodynamic.

Saturday, August 10
Thermal  Engineering
How can chemistry help us to make ice cream?
Did you know that engineers can use different materials to keep things warm or cold? Experiment with a thermal camera to visualize how heat moves between substances, then use thermal properties of salt water and ice to make a super cool treat – ice cream!

Saturday, September 14
Biological Engineering
How do engineers work with the DNA of living things?
All living things contain DNA – the instruction set for how to build more living things! Scientists and engineers are using new tools to read, write and alter these instructions. See for yourself how to extract DNA from plant material and learn how bioengineers are working with DNA to solve medical and environmental problems.

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