Why Donate?

A Love of Learning.

Your support will help maintain exhibits, classes and activities that promote every child’s lifelong interest in learning. Our exhibits and professional educators motivate children by encouraging their enthusiasm for exploration and interpretive thought. Our goal is to foster independence, build self-confidence and develop academic and life skills that lead to success.

A Better Community.

Your donation will help a community thrive. We know that making a real difference for some children and their families means reaching out beyond our Museum doors. We collaborate with area schools, child care centers, family service organizations and other nonprofits to educate and mentor children throughout Snohomish County and beyond. We also offer several free or reduced-cost programs.

A Powerful Impact.

Your gift to Imagine will keep the Museum fresh and sustain vital programs that aim to connect and strengthen children, families and communities for generations to come. By investing in our resources that help provide playful learning opportunities, you are teaming with us to constantly challenge and inspire young minds through hands-on experimentation, discovery and creation.

Imagine Children’s Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a 4-star and 100% transparency rating from Charity Navigator. Tax ID: 94-3153591