Important Birthday Party Need to Know Facts

• All parties are non-refundable
• If there is a situation, such as inclement weather, that requires the Museum to close you will be given the option to reschedule or receive a refund

• You may pick up postcard invitations at the Museum
• The number of postcards available depends on your party package

You will have use of the stools and round tables in the Commons area, as well as two 8-foot tables and a custom birthday throne.
In addition to the Commons area, you will have use of the kitchen, which includes a refrigerator/freezer, sink, microwave and counter space

What is NOT allowed in the Museum?
We do not allow:
 Animals (except service animals)
 Electrical appliances
 Alcoholic beverages

May I bring my own food?
Everything must be served in the Commons eating area and not taken into other parts of the Museum.
 We do not provide utensils, plates, napkins, cups, candles or lighters

May I bring in extra decorations?
Yes, but to protect our walls, we do not allow decorations to be taped, tacked or hung on the walls.
 We recommend tabletop decorations
You will be charged for repairs if there is any damage

Ending your party
A Museum staff member will contact the party host 15 minutes before the end of your party to give you the kids’ coupons for a free future Museum visit
Allow enough time to gather your things and clean up so you are ready to leave promptly at the end of your designated time. A Museum staff member will let you know when it is near the end of your time
Dispose of all of your garbage in the receptacle, wipe the tables down and remember to take any items you placed in the refrigerator/freezer

Hosting hints for success
If booking the 5:30 time slot, you cannot enter the Museum any earlier than 5:30. If booking a later time slot, you can come in a few minutes early for set up.
Only invite the number of guests allowed for your party size. (Remember that you and your family are included in this count.)
If your party goes above this limit you will be charged half of general admission for each additional guest. *Memberships cannot be applied towards birthday party admissions
Every child must come (and leave) accompanied by an adult. There is a 1:6 adult/child ratio