Field Trip Planning Checklist


Planning Checklist

Reservations & Scheduling

  • Fill out the online Field Trip Inquiry Form. We will contact you within three days of receiving your request form.
  • For questions not answered on the website, call 425/258-1006, Ext. 1012. Reserve early; dates fill quickly.
  • Field Trips must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. Sorry; no walk-in field trips. (Enrichment field trips must be scheduled two weeks in advance.)
  • Field trips are scheduled based upon available space.
  • A minimum of 15 children is required for a Field Trip or a Field Trip + Enrichment.

Field Trip Supervision

  • Please divide your group into teams and assign one chaperone to each team. Each team should remain together at all times.
  • Field trips are scheduled 30 minutes apart; it is important that groups arrive at their designated time. Late arrivals may result in delayed entrance into the Museum. If you are late your program may be shortened or canceled; you are still responsible for the balance due.
  • Please advise chaperones arriving separately that the field trip will start on time; they must arrive by their scheduled time if not earlier. Chaperones arriving late will be required to pay regular admission.
  • Imagine requires a 1:5 adult to child ratio. Groups may be denied or limited entry if they are lacking the appropriate number of chaperones. Failure to meet the 1:5 ratio may result a loss of the free chaperone discount.
  • Chaperones are responsible for the behavior of students and are required to accompany their assigned students at all times.


Cars: Street parking during the weekday is limited to 90 minutes. There is a pay lot behind the Museum.
The machines take credit cards and debit cards; $5.00 for 3 hours and $15.00 for up to 10 hours.
Please line up along one of the Museum’s outside walls and send someone in to let us know
you have arrived.

Buses: Please pull into the alley off Wall Street and put flashers on. Students should remain on
the bus while an adult lets the Museum know the group has arrived.

After students disembark, buses can park at the Transit Station, along the water front or a designated bus parking area
17 blocks from the Museum on Colby Avenue that is free for buses through Everett School District.
Information for buses will be sent with the confirmation.

Once inside: A bin will be waiting for your jackets, backpacks, lunches etc.

COVID policies may change. We will keep your group informed of current policies after booking. Refunds are not offered in case of changes to COVID policy.

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