Elementary Museum-on-the-Go Classes


Led by skilled Imagine educators, our Museum-on-the-Go classes offer engaging hands-on activities to encourage creative thinking and problem solving.

Each elementary enrichment class is approximately 60 minutes. Maximum of 28 students per class (multiple classes can be scheduled back-to-back). An adult teacher/leader must remain present at all times to assist with classroom management.

Cost: $215 per session, plus travel for in-person programs. Discount of 10% for booking 2-3 of the same class on the same day ($195 per session) or 15% for 4 or more classes ($182 per session).


Class options

Classes marked (*) are only available for in-person delivery. Other classes can be offered in person or online. All classes are appropriate for grades K-5 unless otherwise noted.

Brackitz: Get Moving!
Use engineering design challenges to explore concepts of work, energy and motion. (*)

Creative Collages:
Go on a journey of composition by using the elements of art (line, shape, space, value, color and form) to make a tissue paper collage.

Creature Features
Investigate Pacific Northwest wild mammals and discover the unique features that help these animals thrive in their environment.

Daring Dissection
Take an immersive look into the world of the barn owl and discover what it eats by dissecting its pellet. (Best for grades 2-5)

Examine how fossils form and use clues to investigate their origins.

Discover how the physical properties of ordinary water can lead to gravity-defying stunts!

Create your own Picasso-inspired masterpiece using games, visual exploration and artistic principles.

I Can’t Believe My Eyes
Learn the science behind optical illusions and experience the tricks our brains can play on us. (Best for grades 2-5)

“Klee Cats” Oil Pastels
Explore the wonderful world of color blending with this make-and-take project. Learn about artist Paul Klee, the color wheel, and how to use oil pastels like a pro.

Magnificent Masks
Explore the historical, cultural and social relevance of masks and create a mask with its own unique history.

Meet the Robots
Direct a fleet of mini-robots around obstacles and control them using sensors and simple programming. (*)

A unique make-and-take artistic adventure in which kids create using nature’s bounty, new & recycled materials and black light chalk.

Rockin’ Rollercoasters
Learn about potential and kinetic energy as you engineer and test a simple marble rollercoaster. (*)

Searching for Aliens
Could there be life in the solar system beyond Earth? Take a tour of planets and moons where scientists think life is possible and conduct your own test for life. (Best for grades 1-5)

Solids, Liquids and Chemical Creations
Investigate the properties of matter and experiment with non-Newtonian substances. (*)

Topsy Turvy
See examples of tops from world cultures and experiment with balance, motion, gravity and energy. (*)

Tree Treasures
Explore trees and the products that come from them. Investigate tree anatomy and make your own recycled paper. (*)

Watercolor Wonders
Create your own watercolor masterpiece by learning and applying professional tips and techniques.

Wind Tunnel Engineering
Attempt to balance forces by engineering and testing flying craft in a vertical wind tunnel. (*)


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