Chug, chugging along …


Chug, chugging along …

We are chugging along nicely through this revitalization process.  Due to continued maintenance, our electric trains have been shut down. When you’re playing with the available wooden tracks, take a glance through to the other side where you can see new scenery with freshly laid tracks.

In addition to this modification, we will later experience an interchange with our engine altogether. This means that we want our current engine to change tracks and brighten the days of other children. Our goal is to find a NEW home where there is a special need. If this peaks your interest, or you have a place in mind, click here for more details. Make sure to submit the request by Wednesday, August 23rd and the winner will be announced the following Friday, August 25th!

Most changes to this exhibit will come to a halt until our close week during September but don’t forget to keep checking for updates. Until next time!