Preschool Enrichment Options


Each preschool enrichment class is approximately 45 minutes. Maximum of 28 students per class (multiple classes can be scheduled back-to-back).

Field trip + enrichment cost: $15.00 per student and $11 per adult chaperone. One free chaperone is admitted with every five paid student admissions if the group meets the minimum required attendance and ratio.


Adventures in Space:field-trip-preschool-1
Take a journey to the moon! Make moon observations with binoculars, paint craters and get your rocket ready for liftoff.

Building with Brackitz:
Work in teams to engineer a structure that can withstand the Big Bad Wolf.

Creative Construction:
Work together to become architects, engineers and builders. Learn about shapes and test their strengths in design challenges.

Diggin’ Up Fossils:
Become a paleontologist by exploring real fossils and assembling a dinosaur skeleton.

Old MacDonald’s Farm:
Help the farmer with chores on the farm, from milking cows to feeding pigs to herding sheep.

Meet the Robots:
Explore how robots use “senses” and help them navigate a robot obstacle course.

We Got the Beat:
Explore a collection of percussion instruments from around the world and practice keeping the beat with your own shakers and rhythm sticks.


Ready to book? Review our Planning Checklist and complete a Field Trip Inquiry Form: