Here we honor individuals, businesses, foundations and organizations that have contributed financially to Imagine Children’s Museum. Each commitment allows us to maintain the excellence in creative learning we strive to provide our community every day.

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Imagination Supporters




Inspiration Supporters

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Hope Supporters

Adams and Duncan Law Firm
Allied Waste Services
Andrea and Paul Wells-Edwards
Bill and Patty DeGroodt
Boston Financial Investment Management
Carl Nelson and Katherine Runyon
Chris and JoAnne Sievers
Chris Rensch
Clear Speech Incorporated
Clyde and Judy Pitcher
Connie Wittren
CPH Consultants
Dan and Patti Kosnik
Dave and Kristin Acker
David Ratliff
Dennis Lee Carter and Janice Lea Carter
Family Foundation
Diana Clay
Dick and Anne McGrath
Dunsire Family Foundation
Eric and Lisa Jacobsen
Evan John Hunden and Pamela J. Hawes
Falicia Green
Gaffney Construction
Graham Construction and Management
Hazel Miller Foundation
Heritage Bank
Jim and Amy Alberts
Katie and Bill Finley
Kenneth and Lori Brush
Kimberlee and Craig Valvick
Klein Honda
Kosnik Engineering
Kosnik Family LLC
Lynn Allen
Mark and Patricia Lervick
Mary and Joel French
McKinley Irvin
McKinstry Company
Mike and Pat Holcomb
Mitch Sontra
Moss Adams, LLP
Nancy and Dick Van Horn
Peoples Bank – Everett
Perkins Coie LLC
Peter and Denise Sontra
Pignataro Volkswagen
Pilchuck Audubon Society
Proliance Spine Surgeons of Puget Sound
Puget Sound Energy Foundation
Quantum Consulting Engineers
RA Properties
Rachele Horner and Chris Jacobson
Randy and Nancy Johnson
Saundra Cope and Walt Gillette
Sean and Brittani Straub
Shannon and Tyra O’Kelley
Sharon Larson
Sheri and Richard Stephens
Spencer Hurst
Steve and Cynthia Sher
Terry and Cheryle Earnheart Fund For Children
The Boeing Company – Employee Matching Funds
Thiele Law Firm
Thomas and Associates
Tim and Megan Kirley
Tom and Christie Jones
Trident Seafoods
Union Bank Foundation
UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
Walmart Foundation
Washington Federal Foundation
Washington State Arts Commission
Werner, O’Meara and Co Pllc
Wexler Property Group
Yasemin and Mikell McLaury


Caring Supporters
Adam Clark and Lisa Stuebing
Adam Lemieux
Aileen and Viggo Forde
Aileen Kelly
Aileen Spradlin
Alex and Kim Sansoni
Alex Silverman
Alex Wertheimer
Alf Forde
Allison and Kevin Barbour
Alyssa Garza
Amy Santos
Amy Vernette
Andrew Barnes
Andy and Mary Wright
Angela Anderson
Angela McCloskey and Randy Lee
Ann and Frank Willson
Archbishop Murphy High School
Aviation Technical Services
Babette and M. Mansour Eshghi
Barb and Mike Ingram
Barbara and Bruce Eklund
Barbara Sweeney
Ben Boyle
Beth Sirlin
Betty and Ed Morrow
Betty and Zeb Cobbs
Bev Dobler
Bill and Denise Olson
Bill and Leya Brooking
Bill and Marilyn Holt
Bill and Mary Grosse
Bill Rucker
Bob and Dee Axley
Bob Bolerjack
Bob Marion
Bob Stafford
Bobbie Peterson
Bonny Headley and Mike Mense
Brad and Kathy Nysether
Brad and Kendra Cattle
Brad and Tina Baxter
Brad Maus and Megan Franklin
Brandon Whitaker
Brenda Fuglevand
Brent Elledge
Brian and Brenda Olson
Brian and Chenelle Chase
Brian and Connie Hallgarth
Brian Henshaw
Brittney and Tyler Rourke
Bruce and Cathy Main
Bruce Rhodes
Byron and Cathy Wright
Carly Roberts
Carol Davis
Carol Weller
Carol Whitehead
Carole Hansen
Caroline Maillard
Carolyn Garza
Carrie DeRousse
Carrie Radcliff
Cary and Patti Cartmill
Casandra Sargent
Cassie Franklin
Catherine and Todd Havener
Celisse Speed
Chad Golden
Charlie Cruikshank
Charlie Morgan
Cherie Wheatley
Cheryl Vezetinski
Chris and Danielle Hall
Chris Foxe
Christine Phillips
Christine Sakamoto
Christine Unckles
Christy Ward
Chuck Newcombe
Cindy Smith
Clair and Doris Olivers
Claudia Hankins
Costco Wholesale
Craig and Kimberlee Valvick
Crickett Wilson
Crispin Wilhelm and Sundee Morris
Cynthia Christofferson
Dalton Arndt
Dan and Ash Gunderson
Dan Goodman
Dan Lowell
Dana and Jeff Mitchell
D and D Welding Inc.
Ed and Andrea Hansen
Ed and Helena Koltonowski
Ed Hough
Eileen Simmons
Eldon and Carolyn Wexler
Elena and Jeff Palmer
Elisabeth Loux
Elizabeth Campbell
Elizabeth Moe
Elizabeth Rusnak
Emily and Martin Stainbrook
Emily Dagg and Hampton Nelms
Florence Hecker
Ford Wright
Fran and Miriam Godding
Fred and Shirley Helber
Fred and Susan Sievers
Gael Gebow
Gamut360 Holdings, LLC
Gary Doughty
Gary Niegemann
Gen Bassett
Gene and Gloria Chase
Geoff and Carlene Goldfinch
Geoff Gibbs
George and Barbara Knowles
Georgiana Clingman
Gerard Holzman
Gialisa Gaffaney
Glass By Lund, Inc.
Glen and Sue Bachman
Glen Lyons
Glenn Campbell
Glenn Kadish and Jenny Heard
Gloria Olson
Gloria Steberl
Goldfinch Brothers, Inc.
Grace Giorgio
Greg and Kari Tisdel
Greta and Larry Fleckenstein Hailey Nobach
Haleigh Avery
Hank and Donna Robinett
Hannah Sladek
Haylee Jurin
Heather and Chris Blakely
Heather Paddock
Heather Rudd and Mark James
Helen Feil
Helene Blume
Holly Mendolia
Hugh and Lynne Hall
Integrated Rehabilitation Group
Jack and Marilyn Courrier
Jackie and Hugh Minor
Jacob Alberts
Jacqualine VanNett
Jake Bos
Jamie Lee
Jane and Scott Casselman
Janelle Beyer
Janice Jensen
Janice Rucker
Janie Blakely
Janna and Chris Blakely
Janna and Kent Lufkin
Jasmine Diedrich
Jason and Kim Cummings
Jean and Bill Messner
Jean and Jon Marable
Jeff and Caroline Mason
Jeff Glaspy
Jennifer Coombs
Jennifer Gonzales
Jennifer Goodhart and Ryan Crowther
Jennifer Gregerson
Jennifer Newland and Sandy Roberts
Jennifer Reyes
Jennifer Tomas
Jeremiah and Pakanya McKinley
Jerry and Helga Hilson
Jerry and Karen Barhanovich
Jess and Mary Kay Robinson
Jesse Thompson
Jill and Gil McKinnie
Jill Wright
Jim and Dawn Steinruck
Jim and Jan Gaffney
Jim and Mary Lou Finley
Jim and Melisa Nelson
Jim and Pam Lee
Jim and Sharon Langus
Jim Hopkins and Carol Andrews
Jim Rounds
Jim Weber
Joe and Ashley Gaffney
Joe Sievers
Johanna Gepford
John and Julie Dickson
John Klekotka
John Laughlin
Joseph and Cecilia Wilson
Josh O’Connor
Joshua Anfinson
Joshua Helpenstell
Joyce Schiferl
Joyce Stewart
Judge Dave Kurtz
Judith Jacobsen
Judy and Hugh Matheson
Judy Hewitt
Judy Tuohy
Julie Leary
Justin Esterberg
Kaila Cogdill
Kalai Wineland
Kara Welchel
Karen and Daniel Gordon
Karen Carpenter
Karen Soine
Kari Mikesell
Kari Quaas
Karin Sunderland
Kate Molleson
Katherine McLaughlin
Kathleen Lefcourt
Kathleen Meeker
Kathy Beattie
Kathy Vinsonhaler
Keiko Sagami Sullivan
Kelly Clark
Kelly McAlister
Kelly Shepherd and Shannon Hofmeister
Ken and Carla Miller
Ken Salo
Kevin and Allison Ballard
Kevin and Erica Kearney
Kevin Ylvisaker
Khaled Shawish
Kim and Leska Ratliff
Klett and Associates, PLLC
Kochubey, Alyssa
Koren and John Smith
Kris Gjylameti
Kristi Henderson
Kristin Scroggs
Kristin Timm
Kristy Kentch
Kryssa and Darren Larama
Kulits Orthodontics
Kyle and Mikala Schmidt
Laird Findlay and Linda Bentson
Lamoureux Real Estate
Lance Balla
Larry Schecter
Laura Sell
Laurie and Duane Crawford
Laurie Anderson
Leroy Houston
Les Reardanz
Leslie Fox
Linda and Peter Fangiullo
Linda Dixon
Linda Hjelle
Linda Simmons
Lindsay Wright
Linnea and Chris Covington
Lisa Lagerstrom
Lisa Stuebing
Liz Michelson Holmes
Lois Medina
Lori Kloes
Lori Schlindwein
Luke Frauenholtz
Lyle and P.J. Ryan
Lyndsey Courrier
Marc and Angie Georgeadis
Margaret and Patrick Pierce
Margaret and Rob Lund
Margaret Hoban
Margaret Holland and Alicea Lewis
Marge Bissell
Marianna Conner
Marianne Harvey
Marie Auriol
MariLana and Ed Rubatino
Mark Fahey
Marshall and Kathy Cymbaluk
Martha Bishop Arellano
Martin and Melinda Eidbo
Mary and Jack O’Donnell
Mary and Richard Henderson
Mary Ann Moeller
Mary Beth Dingledy
Mary Brannon
Mary Kate and John Olson
Mary Milless-Smith
Mary Sande
Mary-Ann Bury and Emily Engle
Matt and Keely Reinhard
Matt Good
Matt Rabdau
Matthew McLaughlin
Maxx Mogollon
Megan Dunn
Melanie and Regan Mueller
Melanie Field
Melinda Haas and Pamela Ramsey
Melissa and Kevin Norris
Melissa and Tony Hemrich
Melissa Bailey
Melissa Geraghty
Melissa Siv and Pia Sampaga-Khim
Melody Wall
Michael and Annamarie Volz
Michael and Briana Finchv
Michael Huey
Michael Washington
Michele Mustell
Michelle and Tom Kruse
Michelle Scannell
Mike and Angie Hawkins
Mike and Cathy Deller
Mike and Lynn Bull
Mike and Maggie Faulkner
Mike and Mary Scanes
Mike and Sunny Strong
Mike Brown
Mike Gubsch
Mitch and Lauren Cornelison
Mitch and Marsha Cogdill
Molly Hartney
Molly Houlihan and David Rucker
Molly Ringo
Monique Beane
Mukilteo Kiwanis Foundation
Murray Gordon
My and Chris VanWyk
Nancy K. Nead
Naomi Katsh Barger
Ned and Kristin Gebert
Neil and Glenda Anderson
Network For Good
Nicholas Gill
Nick and Lacey Harper
Nicole Amor
Pat and Angie Sievers
Pat and Claudia McClain
Pat and Tom Erickson
Patricia and Richard Curnutt
Patricia Whitcomb
Patrick and Maggie Doud
Patti and Russ Larson
Patti and Tracy SpencerPatti Byers
Paul and Marianne Roberts
Paul Challancin
Paul Connor
Paul Heydron
Paul Kaftanski
Paul Kulits and Andrea Drougas
Paul Vexler and Sonia Siegel-Vexler
Paula and Kent  Brady
Paula Barnard
Paula Taylor
Penny Zettlemoyer
Perkins Coie Trust Company
Pete and Diane Kinch
Pete Jung
Peter and Cheryl Scott
Peter Rudolf
Phil Dineen
Phyllis Cohen
Phyllis Richey
Rachid Ayouni
Ralph and Jamie Haller
Randi Szakaly and Nick Salmon
Ray and Mary Sievers
Reid and Linda Shockey
Renee and Jerry Litzenberger
Renee Barrows
Richard and Andrea Semon
Richard and Brenda White
Rick and Diane Pedack
Rick Martin
Robert Hereth
Robert Kneisley
Robin Hansen
Ron and Susie Ford
Ron Dick and Janice Ellis
Ronald and Shawn Van Der Putten
Roy and Barbara Yates
Roy VanWinkle
Russ Keithley
Ruth Ann Bennett
Ryan Holmes
Ryan John Crossman and Amy Allison
Sabine and Matt Poischbeg
Sally Galt
Sally Lancaster
Sally Pedersen
Sandi and Henry Newton
Sandra Jones
Sara Lipo
Sarah and Taj Trimbo
Sarah Duncan
Sarah Johnson
Sasha Kumagai and Han Yoo
Scott and Jeanette Bader
Scott and Kippy Murphy
Sean Hollowell
Sean McGowan
Sean O’Kelley
Seattle Foundation
Seth Terry
Shannon Murray
Sharon Ade
Sharon Clay
Sharon Steffen
Shawn and Kathie Hoban
Shawn O’Donnell’s Food and Drink
Shelia Postle
Sherry Piro
Sheryl Minnix
Shirley Johnston
Shirley Morrow
Shockey Planning Group, Inc.
Si and Lisa Newland
Sid Schwab
Siddharth and Alice Bhola
Skip Crout and Libbie Musladin
Sno-Isle Natural Foods Co-op
Sonya Kraski
Stacey Walker
Staci Lindstrand
Stein and Michelle Nyhammer
Stephany Dunfee
Stephen Hill and Brenda Koen
Stephen Yandila
Sterling Realty Organization Match
Steve and Dru Miller
Steve and Nancy Torrence
Steve and Robin Ahmann
Steve Birnbaum
Steve Butler
Steve Hager
Steve McCoy
Steve Schmutz
Steve Weaver
Steven Krause
Sue Jorgensen
Susan Byers
Susan Green
Susan Lee Ogden
Susie Allison
Suzanne and Joel French
Suzanne Eklund and Pete Frame
Suzanne Poppema and John Cramer
Tamara Hood
Tamsan Sirlin
Tara Lervick-Whipple and Patrick Whipple
Tarleton Hocker
Taylor Froland
Taylor Gilstrap
Teddy Dillingham
Terri Stefnik
Terry Ryan
The Finest Accessories, Inc.
Thomas and Heidi Percy
Thomas Easley
Tia and Wayne Winch
Tim and Millie Judge
Tim Menzies
Timm Stone
Tina Olson
Tom and Cindy Seib
Tom and Marion Skalley
Tom and Maureen Hoban
Tom and Sue Cooper
Tom Boegeman
Tom Koenig
Tom Smith
Tony and Dawne Wentworth
Tony and Kathie Roon
Tony and Kim Vranich
Tony Pignataro
Tonya Cole
Tracy and Don Riddle
Tracy Osburn
Tristen Nelson
Tyler Chism
United Way of Skagit County
Vicky Romero
Vince and Amy Thomas
Vince and Lee-Anne DeCambra
Wallace and Jennifer Langbehn
Walter Seidl
Wanda Bolerjack
Wendee and John Steele
Wendy Enderle
Wendy Poischbeg
Westrock Construction LLC
Will McMahan
William Shepherd and Karen Madsen
William Zingarelli
Zach Goldberg